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Ángel Piñeiro, PhD, Associate Professor
Soft Matter & Molecular Biophysics Group
Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Physics
University of Santiago de Compostela
Phone: +34 981 563 100 ext. 14042
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Summary of my trajectory...

I got a PhD in Applied Physics from the Univ. of Santiago de Compostela (USC) in 2001. Then I worked for 1 year as a postdoctoral researcher in the Miguel Costas group at the UNAM (Mexico), and for another year in the Molecular Dynamics group led by Prof. Alan Mark at the Univ. of Groningen (The Netherlands). Between 2002 and 2007 I was an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Chemistry of the UNAM FQ-UNAM. Then I got an Associate Researcher position in the Applied Physics Department at the USC (2008-2014). In 2010 I was also a research visitor in the School of Chemistry of the University of Southampton (Khalid group) for 4 months. I have also performed several research visits at different laboratories, mainly at the ILL to perform neutron reflectivity experiments. Since 2014 I am an Associate Professor at the Univ. of Santiago de Compostela involved in teaching tasks at undergraduate and graduate levels. I am co-founder of Software 4 Science Development S.L. and developer of its main product, the AFFINImeter platform for the thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of intermolecular interactions from experimental data. I am also co-founder and scientific advisor of MDUSe Innovative Solutions S.L., focused on the development of software for visualization and analysis of molecules in virtual and augmented reality. My research interest includes the development of models and software for the analysis of experimental data from multiple techniques and the study of intermolecular interactions by several experimental methods as well as by molecular dynamics simulations.

Research Interest

Fundamental research: Molecular aggregation, organization and recognition. Design and characterization of new structures based on molecular self-assembly. Energetic, dynamical and structural characterization of macromolecules and supramolecular systems including proteins, peptides, membrane models, surfactants and saccharides.
Applied research: Development of theoretical models and software for the analysis of scientific data from different techniques. Calorimetry, spectroscopy (IR, UV-vis, NMR, and fluorescence), neutron or X-ray reflectometry. Development of new methodologies for the computational simulation of molecular systems at atomic level.
I have developed several computational tools fot the treatment of experimental data and to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories. Some of these tools are publicly available in this site.

Publications: my full publication list can be found here

Teaching Material
Tutorial for MD simulations of monolayers using GROMACS
Tutorial for MD simulations of proteins and peptides using GROMACS
My students at USC will find more material here

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